Receiving Keyhole small diameter dental implants is usually a quick and easy one-appointment procedure. The Keyhole implants mimic your natural tooth root and can be used to stabilize a removable denture or as a foundation for a fixed implant supported bridge. A fixed implant supported bridge can be used to replace any number of teeth so it can replace a partial or full denture with solid natural feeling teeth.

Keyhole dental implant surgery is minimally invasive, performed in our office usually under a local anesthesia, and requires no stitches or long healing times. They are designed to function immediately because of the self-tapping action. The implants are placed in the jawbone with the head protruding above the gum-line and provide a solid foundation. Keyhole dental implant systems have proven to be durable and long lasting. The longevity of keyhole dental implants is comparable and in many cases exceeding conventional dental implants.

If used to stabilize a denture, the denture when seated will rest comfortably on your gum tissue with virtually no movement and enable you to talk with confidence and eat with ease. Your denture will feel totally secure. A full lower denture can be stabilized with four key hole implants for only $3,950.00.

The advantages of mini dental implants include:
A Keyhole Implant is around 50% of the cost of a Conventional Implant. Only $2,700.00 to replace a single tooth (or $3,500.00 for a molar) including implant and Ceramic Crown. To replace multiple missing teeth the cost per tooth can be further reduced.
Keyhole dental implants are typically inserted directly through the gum tissue and into the underlying bone. There is no need to make a surgical incision into the gum, resulting in much less post surgery discomfort.
Keyhole dental implants can be placed with less available bone. We can place keyhole implants without a bone graft most of the time, even if you have been told you need one.
Keyhole dental implants are not only constructed of titanium like conventional implants but a blend of other metals, resulting in one of the strongest materials available. Keyhole dental implants are noticeably smaller and stronger than conventional dental implants.
For more information please visit The Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry.


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