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Dental Implants Manila

When you are experiencing severe dental problems, or you have lost any teeth

It can in most cases change your appearance and the way you look and feel about yourself.
Also in many cases, it can make it very difficult to eat your favorite foods and openly smile with confidence.
While dentures or removable bridge may well help, a growing number of people these days are looking for a more stable, natural-looking way to replace missing teeth.
In recent years dental implants have become increasingly popular because they provide a reliable, secure anchor for artificial replacement teeth.
Dental implants will make your new teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth, once the procedure is complete you will find that you can eat and smile with total confidence.
At Eximus Dental Implant Clinic in Metro Manila,  we are experts in dental implant procedures. Our highly accomplished and experienced dental surgeon, Dr. Erlinda M. Dyson has performed over more than 5,000 implants using the most advanced dental techniques.
When you visit our practice for dental implants, you can rest assured of receiving the best in dental implant care along with an unparalleled level of care and personal service.

Look and Feel, and Function Just Like Natural Teeth

Allow You to Eat Virtually Any Type of Food

Preserve Facial Structure

Smile With Confidence

How Do Implants Work?

Implants are surgically placed directly into the jawbone where the teeth/tooth are missing.

Then over the course of several months, the implants gradually bond with the bone, creating a very strong and stable foundation for your brand new teeth. From there small posts will be attached to the implants, and finally, the new artificial teeth are placed on top the posts Once completed your new teeth will be completely natural-looking and you will be able to eat virtually any type of food.

Why Choose Implants Over Dentures Or Bridges?

Traditional dentures/bridge work can go a long way to help to improve the appearance of any missing teeth, However, for many, they can find them uncomfortable inconvenient and less natural-looking.

At Eximus Dental we realize that these days most people can see the clear advantages that implants can offer, compared to traditional dentures or bridgework. In addition to being more attractive and ascetically pleasing, dental implants also feel function and work much more like natural teeth. 

The Advantages Of Dental Implants For Multiple Tooth Replacement?

The advantage of replacing multiple teeth with an implant supported bridge is the adjacent natural teeth will remain intact and this means bone will be preserved over time.

What Type of Dental Implant Treatment is Right For Me?

If you are considering implant surgery the specific type of procedure that’s best for you will depend on a number of factors.

This will include the location and number of the teeth that are missing, whether you require extractions, the condition of your jawbone, and of course your overall health in general. Dr.Dyson with her many years of experience will carefully assess your own personal state of dental health and from there recommend a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you. Dr. will also be able to assist you with any tooth extraction’s and any bone grafting you may require, and of course the placement of the implants and posts. Book your Dental Implants in Manila today with Eximus Dental

Can Implants Be Done In A Single Procedure?

Yes. Dr Dyson is one of the Philippines leading dental implant specialist and is an expert in the most advanced techniques, and in some cases, Dr. Dyson may well be able to place dental implants in one single procedure and you will not need a second procedure in order to uncover the implants. In other situations, Dr.Dyson may be able to place your dental implants at the same time she extracts your tooth. Dr. Dyson will carefully assess your condition and discuss all your options with you.

Am I Suitable For Dental Implants?

In order for the best possible result from a specific implant procedure, the patient should be in good overall health and have a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone as this will serve as a foundation for the dental implant procedure. However, even in the case that you don’t have the optimal jawbone, Dr. Dyson may still be able to perform some advanced techniques, such as a sinus lift or bone grafting, to assist in the successful placement of dental implants. The best approach is to make an appointment for a personal consultation with Dr. Dyson today then you will have a clear idea if you’re a good candidate for implants.


Dental Implants Can Help Preserve Your Jaw Bone & Facial Structure

Implant therapy can help prevent gradual bone deterioration since the action of the implant mimics that of the original root, transmitting chewing strength to the jaw bone in a natural way.

How Do I Get Started With Implants?

Dr. Dyson and her staff would be happy to discuss dental implants with you.  Please schedule an appointment online to arrange for a private consultation at our clinic.

What Our Patients Our Saying About Us

“Hi, Linda and the boys, At last, we are back in our house and have our computer connected. Hope you are all well and happy. How are the plans to come to Australia going? My dentist here said he was very impressed with your work, particularly the implants. He suggested that I not even think about having the bottom implants done over here because your work was so good. So there is a compliment for you. I am hoping to come back next year to have the bottom teeth done. Best wishes”

Suzanne from Australia

“Thank you so much, Dr. Dyson, for restoring my confidence by giving me a brand new smile through your expertise in Dental Implants. It was a long journey in achieving this dream, but it’s worth taking it because now, I am looking forward to a more brighter & challenging future that lies ahead. Again, Thank you and God Bless you and the Philippines!”

Joselito Esguerra

“Dear Erlinda You will probably never know just how much you have done to improve my quality of life from this day on. The part of my being which I have never liked were my teeth Via your professionalism, thoughtfulness, talent, and care, that has now all changed! Thank you with love”

JW from Australia

“Thank you for restoring my confidence by giving me a brand new smile”

“Your calm, re- assuring and friendly approach to your patient(s) is your personal brand, on top of your expertise as a Dentist.

“I like your brand new clinic because it’s private, quiet, brighter and clean. I will definitely miss the beautiful Makati skyline”

J. Australia

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Situated at the heart of the Metro Manila, our Clinic boasts a gorgeous view of the bustling, busy streets of Makati City, With an Assortment of Grand awe-inspiring hotels and all your Popular and favorite Restaurants, The City that is always abuzz with Entertainment and Nightlife, The perfect place to stage the beginning of your Vacation here in the Islands.
Centuria Medical Makati in Manila, one of the most advanced Techno-Medical Facilities in the Philippines, who houses more than 700 clinics, with a modern interior and design. We are happy to be one of the Clinics to take part in this massive undertaking of better healthcare for all.


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